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Giving back is core to the aims of iFruit

We believe if you take something from a region you must give back. A percentage of the net profits of iFruit are donated to sustainability projects annually.

  • Expanding

    Expanding Opportunities

    Expanding Opportunities (EO) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and a registered NGO in Kenya. The organization has several projects. The main focus is in Kenya, Africa. One of Expanding Opportunities' major projects in maintaining and expanding the Joseph Waweru Home School; an orphanage in the Nakuru district of Kenya.

    Expanding Opportunities - Website

    Community Health,Housing And Social Education

    Community Health, Housing And Social Education (CHHASE) is a registered non-profit secular grass root voluntary organization, have been serving for the upliftment of the rural and tribal poor in their Socio-economic, education, health aspects etc for the past 8 years.

    CHHASE - Website
  • Trees

    Trees For The Future

    Trees for the Future has helped to create sustainable and productive communities throughout the world since 1989. This is achieved by teaching and empowering rural groups to grow sustainable, renewable forests for agriculture and food, firewood, construction, water collection and filtration and animal habitat.

    Trees For The Future - Website


    SAATH is a non-governmental organization registered as a public charitable trust in Gujarat, India. In Gujarati the word SAATH means, “Together, Co-operation, a Collective or Support.’ SAATH’s one-stop, integrated services reach over 100,000 slum dwellers in Ahmedabad, and many more in Gujarat and Rajasthan states of India. Since 1989, SAATH has facilitated participatory processes that improve the quality of life for the urban and rural poor.

    SAATH - Website
  • Rainforest

    African Rainforest Conservancy

    ARC conserves and restores African rainforests – among the oldest and most biodiverse in the world – through grassroots conservation and community development. ARC believe that by providing new economic and educational opportunities, local people are empowered to preserve their natural heritage for future generations.

    African Rainforest Conservancy - Website
  • Rhino

    The Chiredzi River Black Rhino Charitable Trust

    The Chiredzi River (CR) Black Rhino Charitable trust has been created to aid the CR Conservancy in its efforts to protect the remaining population of Black Rhino on the CR Conservancy and its neighboring conservancies and properties in Zimbabwe.

    The Chiredzi River Black Rhino Charitable Trust - Website
  • Iracambi


    Iracambi is a community of people across the world whose vision is to see the Atlantic Forest restored, with thriving communities living in a thriving landscape. At the headquarters in Minas Gerais, the Iracambi Research Center, a division of non-profit Amigos de Iracambi, spearheads work in managing natural resources, developing sustainable communities and researching ecosystems and how we impact them.

    Iracambi Website

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